Are all the shoes handmade?
Yes, I make all the shoes by myself, except for the woolen booties. First I design the shoes, then search for nice fabrics and leather,  cut the fabric and the leather and sew the tiny shoes.

Is the sole made of real leather?
I only use 100% real leather. Natural materials are the best for the tiny baby feet.

The fabric pattern is different than shown on the images.
Because it is a handmade product, so the placement of fabric print may vary from one to another.

One shoes seems a little bit longer than the other.
It is a handmade product, so it is possible that both shoes are not exact the same size. However the difference may not be bigger than 3 millimetre.

Can a baby learn walking on those booties?
The shoes are very suitable for learn walking. According to research is it best to let your baby go on barefoot. But not in every situation your baby can walk one barefoot, for those moments Studio LL baby shoes are perfect. The thin and flexible leather sole, with no innersole, gives your child grip on slippery surfaces and gives your child almost the feeling of walking barefoot. The shoes are also ideal to use for warm feet, for example if your child is in the baby carrier or stroller.

Will the shoes stay on?
The shoes come with elastic around the ankle and lace, so the shoes will stay on.

Does my baby have to wear baby socks?
Your baby learn walking best without socks (so they feel the ground better), but the shoes are easier to put on with socks.

Can you use the shoes outside?
The booties only have a thin leather sole. The shoes are not water resistant. You can use them outside but that means quicker wear of the shoes.

My shoes are dirty. How can I clean them?
You can clean the shoes with some water and soap. Don’t put them in the washing machine! The sole is made of real leather and will shrink in the washing machine.

Do you ship to a foreign country?
Yes I can ship your order to another country than The Netherlands. If you country isn’t mention and the list at the orderproces, please send me an e-mail.

I would like to return my purchase.
You can return your purchase within 14 days after you received the purchase. On this page you can find more information.



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